Graphic design freshness from the lab.

I’ve been doing graphic design in many permutations around the Chapel Hill area for over a decade. I’ve had my hands in many logo design, print design and website design projects over the years and would love to help you breathe beautiful life into yours!

1. Logo design

A logo design should be simple. Clear. Concise. It should say everything in as little space as possible. Think Apple. Nike. Target. All instantly recognizable brands with logos that are quite simple (but say a lot). Browse logo design portfolio »

2. Print design

Print design isn’t dead quite yet, folks! In fact, it may just be having a resurgence as so much focus has been put into the online world. There’s just something about a beautiful design you can touch and feel … Browse print design portfolio »

3. Website design

A solid website design is all about tying in your branding to your core message. Giving people an experience of who you are and what you offer in a clear and concise way. Browse website design portfolio »

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